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While most of our services are custom-priced for our client's needs, we have a few 'off the shelf' items for the consumer and the business customer. Plus, a few other used odds-n-ends that are for eBay. Take a look ... electronic shopping is easy and convenient. We deliver. We accept PayPal dollars only.

diskdesign2b.jpg Living Room Fragile
Produced by St. Paul film-makers Phil Holt (writer and director) and Jim Radford (cinematographer), this independent film aims at the core of unemployment plight. The plot: when John is laid off from his job, he and his familyl try to keep their lives from shattering apart. slowly, steadily, the cracks begin to show."
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table-2.jpg Convert Tape to DVD
At low cost, convert your family or business VHS tape to DVD, with subject directory, AND printed disk label. Price is per HOUR of content, and does not include editing, customized menus or color graphic labels. (Increase unit number for more hours... maximum of two hours per disk.) Let us know below how many hours per disk, and your text title(s) preference on the disk label and menu.
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pico.jpg 25 Duplicate DVD Disks
Duplicate your finished DVD disk for distribution to friends or customers. Price includes 25 disks burned from your original, WITH 4-color ink-jet label printing AND clear thin jewel box or white paper envelope. We only accept non-commercial works, free of copyright infringement.
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family.jpg Family Biography
Preserve the memories of your family with historic photos and narratives from grandparents and other family members who recall what life was like in the 'good ol days'. Record the current generation's stories as they grow up, play sports, develop their art, travel and are married. You provide 100 photos and music, we do the rest ... producing a family keepsake on DVD and/or the web. Contact us for customized projects... starting at $495.
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menu1aa.jpg Making Your Family History -- DVD
This :30-minute DVD explains why and how to build your Family History using multimedia -- still photos and videos. Narrated by Jim Radford, the program has been shown on CTV-15 as is now available on eBay and here on disk. It includes four interviews with experts, and references to a variety of supportive resources.
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Contact: Jim at Radford Video Creations 652 Evans Court - Shoreview, Minn. 55126 - (651)483-3593 - email jim@radfordvideo.com
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