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The 50th Class Reunion -2012

"THE YEARBOOK IN SOUND - 1962" - from an original LP Recording:

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Includes class assembly, song, Coach Lazier at pep rally, Christmas Festival, band march and dance: 22 min.

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Includes selections from The Mikado, Imaginary Invalid, Central Council, dance band, and Class Song: 23 min.

"THE MIKADO" -- Recording notes:

Students of Evanston Township High School performed the Mikado musical by Gilbert and Sullivan on March 16-17, 1962.   It was deemed so compelling, that WBBM-TV (CBS) broadcast a special version to its Chicagoland audience several months later.  Unfortunately, a video recording does not exist, and one surviving audio recording has seriously deteriorated, magnetically and physically.  In order to preserve the memory, the skills and dedication of these talented students, we digitally preserved that audio version of the TV program, with several caveats:

1) This is a work with copyrights.  By permission of WBBM it may be enjoyed through this original unedited broadcast, but may not be sold, or otherwise duplicated without their consent and written permission.  (The US Copyright Act explicity protects such works of music and art from unauthorized copy and distribution.   

2) It is an 'off-air' home-recording for personal, family, and cast/crew enjoyment by one of their peers in the production .... and especially for safe digital storage at a critical point in time on the 50th anniversary of the performance.

2) The original tape is in disrepair and seriously deteriorating.  This recording was made on a common home audio recorder.  For these reasons the quality of the audio is considerably less than current fidelity standards or commercial enhancements.   

3) We estimate that six of the 26 original musical segments were deleted from the TV version due to the 90-minute time constraint for broadcast by the TV station.  Unfortunately, those scenes are un-accessible, unless another recording is discovered. 

4)  By written permission of WBBM-TV, this recording is available free to the cast and crew through the ETHS alumni organization.