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Jim Radford is a Shoreview video producer who has been a developer of marketing communications for four decades --  producing imaginative approaches to industrial and consumer special events.    His experience includes corporate management  with 3M Company, Zenith Electronics, and several years as a journalist in Chicago and Ohio.  He was a radio announcer, newspaper journalist, photographer, and a 1966 graduate of Wittenberg University.   For six years Jim managed a worldwide sponsorship program for the Olympic Games at 3M and managed a marketing communications team.

His company, Radford Video Creations, has been in business since 1992, originating as a wedding and special event video production company ... and now leveraging Jim’s experience in multi-national corporate communications and marketing.   He recently won the national “Hometown Video Awards” competition for an Original Teleplay, and the local CTV-15 “Outstanding Creative Programming Award.”  His company has been involved in developing product marketing, customer relationship management,  church video, employee training, sports marketing, public speaking, and web business strategy.


He and his wife Donna have three daughters, all raised in Shoreview, and seven grandchildren.   His best day, he says  – is being in his kayak on a Shoreview lake, although the family travels extensively, worldwide.


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