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  Bride (print): ______________________________  Groom: ______________________________

  Address: ____________________________  City/State/Zip ______________________________

  Telephone(s): ___________________________________________________________________
  eMail Address:__________________________________________________________________
  Cellphone(s) ____________________________________________________________________
  • ______ BRONZE: unedited ceremony OR reception events; 1-camera;  $795 each, or $1,500 for both; 3 DVDs

  • ______ SILVER: complete wedding ceremony (3 cameras) plus reception; plus apx. 30-min. "Highlights", park or church pictures, extensive editing and animations -- 3 DVDs: $2,595.

  • ______ GOLD: add to Silver package apx. 25 stills from video on the web, plus video 'Highlights' on Internet site; plus Family 'Reflections' photo montage, and Muvee Mail ' -- $3,240

__________ "Love Story" $1,495+ (on location dreamscape video, music, narration)

__________ "Reflections" $395 (photo montage, up to 140 stills over music); +$100 narrative

__________ "MuveeMail" 1-5 min. clip from Highlights sent to 12 email names: $150

__________ Prints from video: $10 each, 4x6 inch

__________ Dupes, extra DVD @ $12 ea. ________

__________ Projection services at $125 equipment, $125 for sound,  $75 / hr crew

__________ Additional time $125 per hour (beyond wedding day) x hours = _________

__________ Travel costs outside MSP:  $0.35 / mile x _________ miles =  $________

  • Total Fees: $_______________________________ (sum of above)
  • Sales Tax @ 6.5%: $ ___________  =  Total:  $_______________

  • Retainer paid of:     $ ___________     Remainder:  $__________ 
    Due at rehearsal)

Ceremony Site & Location:_______________________________________________TIME:____________


Rehearsal Site & Location:_______________________________________________TIME:____________


Wedding Coordinator & phone: ____________________________________________

Clergy & phone: __________________________________________________________

THE FINISHED PRODUCT: Your finished program will include 1-2 hours of video (depending on package, length of service, reception activity) produced with professional digital video and sound. The wedding packaging includes three DVDs, plus optional web publishing.  Radford Video Creations will be available throughout the day of the wedding, or 5-10 hours, depending on the package. There are NO overtime fees.  Any recording on other days will be recharged at an hourly fee.   Delivery of the finished video will be within 2 - 12 weeks of the wedding.  This contract requires a 50% retainer fee, plus balance of payment in full on the day of rehearsal.  Your coverage of wedding video will typically, but not specifically, include the following subjects:

  • full wedding ceremony, with up to a three-cameras and microphone placements (Silver and Gold packages only - Bronze includes one camera and multiple mics)
  • blended music and voice track in a "Highlights" segment, plus special effects, such as slow motion, animation, b/w imaging, etc.
  •  video of your photo session in the church or at the park (Silver & Gold)
  • screen text titles of the wedding participants, date and location
  • visuals and voice narratives of selected guests at the reception; and table interviews when specified by the customer
  • coverage of key reception events, ie flower toss, cake cutting, first dance, toasts, general atmosphere.
  • guests dancing, family and wedding party
  • DVD will include a color label, jewel case and segment menu

USAGE: The videographer reserves the right to select all scenes for the "Reception" and "Highlights" segments; and will include all footage recorded during the wedding ceremony, unless otherwise deleted by request of the customer. Radford Video Creations reserves the right to use any part of the video for demonstration tapes, display, broadcast, or other purposes.  The customer agrees that Radford Video Creations retains all original camera footage, and therein has exclusive use and rights to the audio/video recording. unless otherwise released (the customer may purchase all original video stock for a one-time "buy-out" fee).  Radford Video archives original and edited finished tapes for up to two years from event. 

YOUR SATISFACTION: The videographer guarantees a backup camera in the event of equipment failure.  Radford Video seeks to satisfy your expectations --  and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the finished video product, you are under no obligation to keep the finished tape, but may return it within 48 hours for a refund of 50% of the final portion of your payment. Additionally, the customer may request reasonable video edits within one week after delivery, which are within the technical capabilities of the videographer, limited to two hours labor at no charge, and thereafter at the normal hourly rate of $125 / hour.

: No member of the video crew will be held liable for accident or injury to participants or guests involving video equipment, or for any recorded content. Radford Video Creations will not be held liable for any failure to perform due to catastrophe, Acts of God, illness or accidents. If the video recording is cancelled by the customer for any reason, all paid fees are fully refundable only up to 90 days before the event, and thereafter the 50% retainer is forfeited, but any other paid fees prior to the wedding are returned in full.   Cancellation by the videographer due to unanticipated illness or injury may be covered by qualified substitute staff, or a complete refund will be made, and best efforts by Radford Video Creations to locate another video studio with a separate agreement of work for hire.   The client assumes all responsiblity for the use of copyrighted materials, including live or pre-recorded music in the program content, and hereby releases the videographer from all liability.

CUSTOMER PROVISIONS:  The customer will provide an advance copy of the wedding program, including wedding participant names, directions to the events, and meal for the videographer.  The customer will provide written instruction for special subjects during the wedding day, such as guest interviews, photo sites, music preferences, etc. 

SPECIAL VIDEO: For Family "Reflections" (photo montage) segments, the customer will provide up to 140 still images, which will be edited, using the customers preferred music selections and any other background sound tracks.  Any additional recordings on-location or in-studio, will be billed at the hourly rate, or specifically quoted, such as a "Love Story" with special script, location expenses, music, etc.  The client is responsible for playback equipment at receptions, unless the videographer is contracted to perform these projection services at the quoted rate.

                            (Client Signature and date)


James C. Radford

Please make check payable to: James C. Radford;
or via PayPal --
Account name = jim@radfordvideo.com
652 Evans Court - Shoreview, Mn. 55126 -- Tel (612) 819-4386

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