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The following prices are benchmarks for further customization of your project.  Our current labor rate is $150 / hour for all service projects, inclusive of travel time within the Twin Cities.   Please contact us for specifics about your project. 

RECORDING SERVICES:   As special event videographers, we specialize in recording presentations, meetings, sales training, educational programs, tributes, receptions, religious, wedding and sports events.   We use up to five digital cameras, with wired or wireless microphones mixed on location, teleprompter, and customized editing and duplicating. Pricing at $175 / hour, $75 for second operator, $60 / hour for additional stationery cameras. 


EDITING SERVICES:  As part of your recording service, we edit from analog or digital master tape with the Adobe suite of professional software.  Author to DVD with multiple chapters and customized menu design, as well as ink-jet printed labels and a variety of packaging; or to tape or the web.  Pricing to edit at $175 / hour, or per unit duplication below. 


DUPLICATION SERVICES:   We produce high-quality duplicates of DVD or CD disks, (plus conversions to DVD from videotape).   See prices below. Service includes ink-jet printing label graphics (graphic design & paper inserts extra); no setup fee. 

CD Disks
DVD Disks
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 200+
Printed Paper Insert per disk
Jewel Box Packaging per disk (slim or reg)
4-color Label or Insert Design

All services require a letter of agreement to establish cost, time, travel, and staff in advance.   Invoices are payable upon delivery, with a 30-day limit and late fee of 1 1/2% charged on the preceding month's unpaid balance.   Projects exceeding $2,500 require an advance of 50%, with the remainder payable upon delivery.  Recording and editing fee = $175 / hour.  

Only $19.95 per disk (including disk label & jewel box).    Tape editing and custom-menu authoring is extra at $150/hour. 


-- "Tributes" -- business or family profiles, tributes, retirements:  produced from stills, pre-recorded video, narration & favorite music. Playback at a reception or post on the web.  Priced from $495 - $3,000+.
-- Still Photo Coverage: we produce high quality still images for inclusion in videos or standalone display, print, presentation, web,  at $150 / hour on-location or studio, plus editing and retouching.  
-- Sound and Video Presentation System: rent our indoor/outdoor Yamaha twin speakers for your presentations, banquets & receptions, seminars, and video and photo displays.  Includes amp, mic and mixer at $150, plus Optoma 2000 lumen projector at $150  Setup fee $75 -- (maximum 2 hours). On-site operator at $75/hour. 
-- Speaker presentations on disk: record and edit your speakers' presentation with synchronized Powerpoint slides or video, slide menu, and a link to website or online forms:  only $795 up to one hour program.  Perfect for sales training, distance learning, and marketing presentations on disk. 
-- Record and stream internet presentation: record, edit, and host up to 60 minutes of on-demand video, taped in-studio or on-location, up to 60 slides, low to high-bandwidth, Windows Media Player, one month online, plus user statistics: $995.  (Extra cost per monthly hosting, multiple cameras and mics, for user password, downloads, Quicktime, CD version or more than one streaming file.)
-- Photos Online: (up to 30 still photos per page) from your digital photos, scanned prints or from video frames, $295 per web page, plus $75 per month for online hosting. Incl. title line and email link.  Other text and special graphics extra.

-- Prints-from-Video: Images from video footage to paper, 4 x 5 inch, $9 each. 
-- Program on SD Card:  Transfer to 512Mb Secure Digital memory card for playback on PDA, $75 (320x240 image). 
-- CD conversion from or to audio cassette:  $8 each, up to 45-minutes, no volume discounts. 
-- Other production services:  (onsite recording & editing) $150/ hour
-- Travel expenses:  outside Twin City Metro area: $0.35 / mile 
SITE EMAIL CONTACT: Jim@RadfordVideo.com
Cellphone: (612) 819-4386 -- Minnesota
Office Phone and FAX: (651) 483-3593 
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