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The " Silver Package" (below) is our most popular service ... apx.  2-hour of wedding content on DVD disks includes the most asked-for components in wedding videos:  a 30-minute "Highlights" of your entire day;  PLUS, romantic music videos from your "Preparations" and "Departure," "The Park" or church photo sessions; PLUS the complete wedding ceremony recorded from several camera positions; PLUS all the Reception key events.  This is the complete lifetime memories package.

All events require a 50% deposit and contract to reserve the date and price in advance, completely refundable prior to 90 days of the event. The remaining amount is due at the rehearsal, with delivery in apx, 2-4 weeks.  See other options below.


BRING YOUR OWN BUDGET: This unique option is our way of meeting a seriously limited budget, or building a unique package from a variety of options -- we will match most any competitive price in Minnesota, and create this package from scratch, to your specs ... $?? 


BRONZE: The complete, unedited ceremony OR reception  (one- camera coverage at $795 per event, or $1,495 for both ceremony and reception); three DVD copies with titles.


SILVER:  Our standard package -- complete ceremony & reception, 30-minute "Highlights," plus "Preparations" and "Departure" segments; 3-camera coverage, four mics, family pictures in the church or park, titles, special effects and extensive editing, three DVD copies with menus; up to two hour package ... $2,595.  Choose from OR or mix of ...
-- Archival Approach: capture all the events from a distance 
-- Journalistic: more emphasis on closeup people & narratives
-- Cinematic: emphasis on artistic visuals and music
RECOMMENDED ADD-ON: "Reflections" photo montage w/o your narration: $395+$100 for edited voice narration; incl. up to 140 images.


GOLD: sames as Silver Package, PLUS stills (from video) published to a web page, plus "Highlights" video on the Internet WITH your voice narration, plus "Family Reflections" montage for receptions, plus "eMail" video .... $3,240.

Only $19.95 per program disk (including label , menu & jewel box).    Tape editing and menu authoring is extra. 

Price for duplication of DVD or CD disks. Service includes ink-jet printing direct-to-disk 4-color or b/w label graphics on each disk (graphic design & 2-sided paper inserts extra);  No setup fee.  Turn-around: apx. 4 - 7 business days.

CD Disks
DVD Disks
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 200+
Printed Paper Insert per disk
Jewel Box Packaging per disk (slim or reg)
4-color Label or Insert Design


-- "Photo Montage" -- family history and engagement photos, produced from stills (up to 140) & your favorite music; show at the rehearsal dinner or reception for only $395 (or  $495 without wedding package).  Add your personalized audio narration for $150.
-- "Love Story" - produce this dreamscape video prior to the wedding, scripted to capture the beauty of your relationship. Produced with your favorite music, your voices, with cinematography at your special place prior to your wedding.  It will engage you in a creative art-form, and take wedding video up a notch.  Show it at your receptions ... ($1,495).

-- Photos Online (apx. 30 from per page from your wedding video)  at $150/page per month, incl. title and email link; other text or graphics extra

-- Prints-from-Video: Images from wedding footage to paper, 4 x 6 inch, $10 each. 

-- Dubs to disk: see volume pricing above.
-- Program on SD Card:  Transfer your wedding program to Secure Digital (SD) memory card for playback via Windows Media Player on PDA (ie Palm Pilot, Treo, IPAQ), $75 (320x240 image). 
-- Sound and Video Projection System: rent our impactful indoor/outdoor Yamaha twin speakers for your presentations, banquets, receptions, seminars, and video and photo displays.  Includes speakers, amp, mic and mixer at $150;  add video projection system for $125, plus setup fee of $75, or $325 per event (max 2 hours).  Operator = $75 / hour.
-- Still Photo Coverage: capture high quality still images for inclusion in videos or stand-alone for display, presentation, web, etc.  $125 / hour on-location or studio.
-- Other wedding production services:  (on-site recording or editing) $150 per hour
-- Travel expenses:  outside Twin City Metro area: $0.35 / mile 
-- Webcast 'on-demand': 30 minute or less, $199/mo.  For low bandwidth audio-only webcast, $50 for 30 min, and $75 for 60 min / mo. 
-- Conversion from Tape-to-DVD (includes menu & jewel case):  Copy a VHS, Hi-8 or mini-DV tape to a DVD (excluding editing) - only $30 per viewable hour 

All recording and editing require a letter of agreement to establish cost, time, travel, and staff in advance.  Final payment for weddings is due at the rehearsal,  with a 30-day limit and late fee of 1 1/2% charged on the  unpaid balance.   All wedding projects require an advance of 50% to reserve the date.  We will not knowingly copy commercially produced or other copyrighted works.

(Effective Jan. 1, 2008)

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