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"WE HAVE AN EYE FOR GOOD VIDEO!"  Welcome to our digital studio for "special events" videography.   We specialize in events that move, that preserve precious memories, tell a story, educate, and sell ideas. 


1) BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL:   Meetings and presentations, special events, sales and marketing videos, trade show programs, "how-to," distance learning, and promotional videos ... on DVD, CD or the web! 
2) WEDDING VIDEO: We produce beautiful wedding videos ... with multi-camera coverage, creative 'love stories,' entertaining family 'reflections', and video highlights on disk, tape and the web. 
3)  WEBCASTING: The trend in business is for productivity ... supplementing or replacing travel, meetings online with synchronized streaming multi-media for employee communication, education and marketing. 
4) EDIT & CONVERT YOUR TAPES!  Gather up your holiday, wedding, travel or family VHS, DV or High-8 videotape and still pictures.  We will edit them, including music and narration, and transfer them to DVD, CD, the web or tape ...  We can also duplicate your disks with custom labels.
5) LEISURE TRAVEL:  We plan and book travel, from cruises to land trips through our agency for family, business or honeymoon travels ... check our  destination movies' to get the flavor of your dream holiday.  We've been there!

Economy video production for the web, tape or disk -- for sales, employee training or marketing.  Record with our teleprompter in studio, or in your own office.  We provide the pro lighting and sound, broadcast cameras, and green screen background.  Contact us now .  


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SITE EMAIL CONTACT: Jim@RadfordVideo.com
Cellphone: (612) 819-4386 -- Minnesota
Office Phone and FAX: (651) 483-3593 
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