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About Us
  • To capture the emotion of the day
  • Record your family history
  • Quality equipment & training
  • Quality sound & images
  • A professional, creative style
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What makes us special? 
  • A passion for customer satisfaction
  • Creative imaging artistry
  • A family-oriented business
  • 15+ years of wedding video experience

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* Wedding Video Agreement

Rose, Small
*  KUDOS TO YOU!!  We have watched the DVD twice already.  Steve and I were both in tears at the end of the highlights.  That's all I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Watching that DVD made me feel like luckest  woman on earth!
*  Jim, we love our video! There were so many things that flew by us that day and now we have a constant reminder as to how wonderful our wedding really was. I will definitley be showing off your work and hand out your card to my friends and brother for their weddings.  It is beautiful."
*  " The video is perfect -- I absolutely love it and I know our families will too.  And thanks for putting it online. My dad has some family in Florida that would love to see it."
* "Warren and I, including some relatives, would have to say 'WOW'.  You did a fantastic job!  ( ... and yes, I did cry).  Very beautifully put together."

* "We love it! You did such a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into it."
* "The video was great....we have had a lot of fun watching it. It is amazing how much we missed at the wedding and we were there!"

* "You did a wonderful job!  I love it.  I think you got a quick shot of almost everyone at the wedding.  I love that.  The flow and editing was great.  I like the fact that you cannot hear the background stuff and that you made it more interesting with music.  I also like that it is in sections.  Then we do not have to watch everything.  We can take our time and appreciate each section at our convenience.  I like that you got the details and little things."   "

* "We watched the video last night and were very happy with it!  It was a lot of fun to watch and we noticed a lot of great things that we never saw or realized at the time.  This will be a great thing for us in the years to come.  Thank you for being a part of our special day and for capturing the day so beautifully."

* "... A sincere note of thanks for capturing our wedding memories in a special way ..."

* "There wasn't one portion of the video we would have changed ... our wedding video allowed all of us to relive the wedding over and over .. you captured all the key events from such unique vantage points that we were able to experience the wedding and reception in ways that were not possible wihtout the video."

* "Each time I watch the video, I get more excited about it. It is very well done. It's perfect! I love it."

* "Thank you for a beautiful job on creating this lasting memory of their 'storybook' wedding. It's absolutely beautiful."

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Wedding Samples
... the couple may want to archive the event, or produce a Love Story with narrative, or create artistic imagery .. or a combination of each!
Each wedding is unique, individual event, for which we develop a plan and a special approach for each couple .... (click here for video - 5:46m).

... these are the personalized, customized moments for every bride and groom before they wed -- images of anticipation!
It's in the preparations and rehearsal when the personalities of the couple emerge  ... the informal, yet beautiful moments .... (click here for video).

Photo Montage for
Wedding Reception
Photo Reflections from birth to engagement, of family and friends, is entertaining, and an imporant historic archive.
Most couples present a photo montage program at their grooms' dinner or wedding reception.

The Bride's Dress
The couple may choose their favorite music for these beautiful segments that show the radiance of the couple on their special day.
As part of the Preparations to show the glamor of the bride, this 3-minute music montage is recorded at church or home .... (click here for video).

Wedding Day Highlights
... this will be the most-watched segment in your video album by friends and relatives.
Our wedding packages include a 30-minute highlights of ceremony and reception here's a short sample 

Wedding Reception
... relive your reception with video coverage throughout the night, including best wishes from your friends and family!
The reception includes all the events from the toasts and flower toss to a nite of dancing 

Your Love Story
... It's a personalized program for a reception and a lifelong keepsake!
Produced before the wedding, our love stories capture the meaning of love, the values of your relationship, and your thoughts on video.



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