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The following article about pricing is reprinted from Ultimate Wedding.com:
Written by David Ross StoryBook Wedding Videos Seattle, WA

Like receptions, honeymoons, and photographers, the cost of a wedding video can vary greatly in price. You can pay $500 to $5000 and beyond, depending on the type of wedding video you want to create. The two primary factors you are paying for are time and talent, and you should have a basic understanding of the two in deciding what is right for you.

Most of us are familiar with the old adage "time is money." In terms of your video, there are two types of time: shooting time and production time. Shooting time is the number of hours and size of crew used in filming your wedding video. Obviously, 10 hours will be more costly than 6 hours, and three videographers will cost more than one. Using two or three cameras allows the scene to be shown from different angles, which is what your eyes are accustomed to seeing on TV, but it also multiplies the amount of labor and money spent shooting your video. If you are choosing a multiple camera shoot, make sure that each camera is attended by a live videographer for best results.

Another type of time you pay for is production time. This includes all of the time spent editing your video, adding music, graphics, special effects, etc. It also plays a major role in determining the quality and style of your video. For example, an editor can spend an entire 40-hour work week to create the "storytelling" style video with narration and interviews. Generally the more production time invested in your video, the more polished, customized, and costly it is. Incorportated into these time costs are the use of all the professional equipment and supplies your videographer needs to complete your production.

In addition to time, talent is the other major factor you are paying for. This is not as easily measurable as time, but can be measured in the quality of the finished product. Event videography is a specialized skill, but one that can be hired for a reasonable fee. However, creating a finished production that tells a love story is quite an art, and it will likely be reflected in the price. Independent cameramen who videotape weddings on weekends will likely be more affordable than a production company, TV crew, or regionally known filmmaker contracted to produce your dream wedding video.

Just as there are choices between "fairy tale" weddings and simple courthouse ceremonies, so too are there fantasy wedding movies and basic wedding videos. You can preserve memories with a basic wedding video, or create memories by commissioning a movie of your own love story. Neither is better than the other, because they simply serve different purposes, preferences, and budgets. Remember that this is your once in a lifetime day, so select a package, price, and style that you will be pleased with many years down the road. Whether $500 or $5000, your video will likely become the most treasured keepsake from your wedding day.

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