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These pages include a collection of mostly outdoor images made on a Sony F828 digital Cybercam and Canon 40D digital SLRs.   Most photos are shown as small thumbnails , but can be enlarged with a click.  Some have been modified with Photoshop.  I always welcome your comments or questions at: jim@radfordvideo.com
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NATURAL NATURE RED ... this parrot was greeting guests at the Westin Resort in St. John island of the US Virgin Islands.  He has a perfect set of choppers and symetry of feather colors.   (4/11/07)


DEER IN THE WILD...  game animals are often transparent to  woodland visitors. But throughout our national parks they are nearly tame and can be approached, permitting the photographer to carefully compose a picture.  Here I wanted an 'in your face' shot to see the tongue, and just wide enough to see the bulk of her body.  (7/1/04).


OUR DOOR BAT ... this fierce looking fellow makes his home somewhere locally, but leaves little reminders of his presence on our door stoop each morning.  He's grinning here, or perhaps making a more theatening statement' about our closeup lens.  Click on photo to enlarge and see his teeth!


RACOONS FIT THEIR IMAGE as banditos ... raiding the hotel garbage, a family of very fat racoons were not shy, appearing to pose behind their mask and say:  "Hey, I said CHEESE -- feed me!"  Early morning amber sun can be seen on his right side. (7/1/04)


HANGIN' AROUND: This little guy jumped 7 feet to get to this feeder, and hung around until it was empty, literally chewing through the clear plastic side to get at the bird food. 

Bambi is born at home.

SPRING FAWN:  We've always had deer in the yard, but this is the first to be born on the property -- a few days old, I nearly missed it under a bush on the river rock next to the house.   My grandson James and I sat quietly with the fawn for a half hour, just as close as it looks here  -- it was perfectly still, never blinking an eye.  We left and the doe soon returned, urging the fawn to it's first shaky steps, and off they went into the woods together.  Six months later, they still return to feast on our hostas (5.10.04) 


WHICH END IS LEFT OR RIGHT ...  horses on the hill of Dickenson's Bay Beach on Antigua, appeared almost as one from a distance using a 200 mm lens.  (2/4/05).



LEAPIN' LIZARDS ... this Iguana on the island of St. John, Virgin Islands -- is on the hunt for warm sun and tasty plants. Iguanas live in tropical rainforest areas,  near a water source (lake, river). They spend most of their time in the higher forest canopy, about 40-50 feet above the ground... in the tree tops, away from predators. They can move very quickly on the ground and are excellent swimmers. They have long sharp claws to help them climb trees and escape predators.


SEA GULLS ON THE LAKE:  Another frame from the 'learning series' to demo the camera's rapid-fire sequence of bird in flight ... captured it dead-center, but cropped out apx. 30% of the edge space, and added slight 'glow' for the tail and water.  Big wings on this guy ... my hope had been for a head-on shot ... maybe another day.  (11.10.04)


This Tom Turkey staked out his territory on the neighbor's front step, and each morning woke us up gobbling as the sun rose.  They appear to have very good eyesight, and sensitive to humans many yards away.  Just another of God's creatures in our back yard.... 3/17/07

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