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These pages include a collection of mostly outdoor images made on a Sony F828 digital Cybercam and Canon 40D digital SLRs.   Most photos are shown as small thumbnails , but can be enlarged with a click.  Some have been modified with Photoshop.  I always welcome your comments or questions at: jim@radfordvideo.com
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BEACH WAVE on the island of Antigua, far away from the bathers.  The real perspective a flat, simple view of earth in touch with water, but we added the motion and "roll" of a wave, which doubles as a concentric ripple.  The rock at right was only about a foot high, but appears large from the low camera angle.


LIGHT HOUSE AT NASSAU ... at the mouth of the inlet to this Bahamian tourist town, is one of the historic sites of the island, sanding guard to the harbor where a much busier atmosopher prevails over eight or more cruise ships on a busy day. (2/5/05)


INDELIBLE MEMORY ... the bay of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas is special for us -- the view from the Mafolie Hotel high on the hill, where we were engaged to be married.  Thirty years later we came back to make this picture .. just as we remembered it in younger days.... but now, our cruise ship is in the background.  (2/5/05)


SILLOUETTE OF PALM ...  sometimes the picture is in the reflection or shadow of the actual object, as in this case of the palm tree on our favorite beach, Magen's Bay on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  A very cloudy day, making for beautiful pictures. (2/5/05)


PAINTING A SAIL ...  somewhere near St. Maartin island, this sailboat seemed to stand out from the ocean like the paintings by local artists we met on this Caribbean island.  (2/4/05)


HEAT WAVE ... this sunset just seemed to cooperate with mother nature, as the cloud opened up a hole large enough to enhance the glow of the sun in the winter months of the Caribbean. (2/3/05) 


LEAVING ANTIGUA .... a monochromatic moment, as we leave the shores of this Caribbean island, and look beyond the seaside and a small boat of fishermen, to the rising mountains in the distance -- an awesome  perspective from aboard ship.

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