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These pages include a collection of mostly outdoor images made on a Sony F828 digital Cybercam and Canon 40D digital SLRs.   Most photos are shown as small thumbnails , but can be enlarged with a click.  Some have been modified with Photoshop.  I always welcome your comments or questions at: jim@radfordvideo.com
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THE SPHINX IS IN DA LUVE ... no, it's not art, but it reflects the art of the Louvre in Paris, as we used a tiny Minolta pocket camera to see the statue in the reflection of the building through a window.


THE WORLD AT THREE ...  I couldn't decide which shot I liked best, so here's both.  The cardboard box is where 3 year-olds 'live' ... and I liked the tilt vs the vertical image plane.  In the posed shot, Will totes his blue backpack against red sweats ... colorful and confident (10/1/04).


SYMBOLS IN HARMONY ... a favorite of a huge hanging church cross with Easter lilly and candle that was captured from floor-level, where most people wouldn't look.  I admit to some serious image manipulation on this shot, re-coloring, "air-brushing" and encasing the old wooden cross in a transparent, spherical dimension. 


THE SPLIT ROCK LIGHTHOUSE on the northshore of Lake Superior is among the most photographed sites in the Midwest.  This is a traditional view, and one of my favorites with the white pine and framing of leaves.


SKY MEETS SEA .. who hasn't shot the sunset?  This frame, among hundreds made on many different trips, stands out for me as the final seconds of sun leave behind the tension that bonds air and sea. 


LITTLE GRANDCHILD JULIA spent a joyous day at play, with a ball nearly her own size, which she kept securely by her side, even as she slept.  The accent of color gives the ball even more size.


ORCHIDS AND WINE  make a fine picture together, with the accent of other flowers in the background, and a reflection off the table, with help from a 'montage' graphics effect and enhanced saturation.  Photograph was made aboard a cruise ship near Hawaii. 


THE MOON OVER MOUNTAINS of Washington ... plenty of opportunties to shoot full moons -- this one was suddenly visible as I rounded a turn at dusk on Mount Rainier. A frame from a video segment. (7/1/04)


TURTLE LAKE #2:  Here's another shot (see page #1) of Turtle Lake, in Shoreview, Mn.   This image was made from a frame of digital VIDEO (8 mm digital) at only 720 x 480, in a Sony digital palm-camera.  Another 'grab' shot on a beautiful evening on the lake, looking west to the trees

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  • More Photos:   12 - 3 - 4 - 5
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