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These pages include a collection of mostly outdoor images made on a Sony F828 digital Cybercam and Canon 40D digital SLRs.   Most photos are shown as small thumbnails , but can be enlarged with a click.  Some have been modified with Photoshop.  I always welcome your comments or questions at: jim@radfordvideo.com
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SUPERIOR SHORES ... I didn't go far for this shot ... right out the window of our cottage at Grand Supperior Lodge on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  It occurred to me that photos taken to the West ... especially of sunsets on the water, are various shades of orange .. while images aimed to the East have a tell-tale pink and blue cast, as this does. (8/05)


GOOSEBERRY FALLS -- as well known to northern Minnesotans as is the Lighthouse on the Northshore, these falls make the perfect backdrop for formal photos at weddings and engagements, as well as family outings to this nature preserve.  This time of year (August) the water is less plentiful, but still cascades over the time-worn rock formations and lava beds formed in another age.  (8/05).


NOT SO DRAB DAY ... it was cloudy and mostly a monochromatic day, until I discovered this red-moss covered rock on the shoreline of Lake Superior.   Given the green of the leaves, blue sky and lake ... it becomes quite a colorful image, just a month before the fall tree colors emerge.   (2/5/05)


TREE FEET ...  Photographing the snake-like crawling root systems of trees near the river water could be an all-day project, for those of us willing to study the patterns and designs of mother nature.  Not having that time, I just backed up a few yards and made the picture from a wider angle, and moved on.  Someday, I'll be back for the closeups.   (8/05)


ROCK OF AGES --  there's just no end of rocks around Lake Superior ... and one doesn't usually stand out from the rest, unless of course you might see a whiter variety amidst the darker shades of pale.  Hmmm, it reminds me of a song.  None-the-less, it was a calm day, with the glow of the sun setting behind the camera.  (8/05)


BLAZING SUNSET in Labadee, Haiti from cruise ship Mariner of the Seas in January, 2006.  Sunsets are almost a dime a dozen from clip art libraries, but making your own takes patience, and some luck -- plus a little help from Photoshop to add a little color and brilliance to nature's splendor.  This may be one of the most spectacular I've recorded .... on a small Minolta 3-MP pocket camera.


LUCKY RAINBOW  off the side of a cruise ship somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean in late fall months.  It's just one of those misty mornings, and the luck is being there when it happens.  Notice the second but much less pronounced rainbow to the right.


FIRST FISH -- what a great day ... sunny, warm, and young James pulled in his first fish from grandpa's kayak on Turtle Lake in 2005.  You don't forget those warm summer days, with a happy grandson.


YELLOW FALL ... what could be more simple than a leaf, or more complex than it's tree structure, veins and branches?  It's fall in Minnesota and this blazing tree is just outside Shepherd of the Hills Church in Shoreview.


TALL TREES ... this is just one of those point in the air and shoot shots, but if the trees had not been so close together, and I had not cranked out the full width of my lens, it would not be as impressive ... These are the tall ones in Washington State, where redwoods and Sitka Spruce tower above all things, exposing flashes of light from the sky.



SEDONA ... the red and yellow rocks of Sedona, AZ produce colors in every light ... from the brightest of high-noon, to the blazing sunsets ... from the desert to the town where this small adobe church is home for a few worshipers.  No orange filters needed here .. just crank up the saturation in PhotoShop.  Most every  view is postcard perfect for photographers.


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